• Pine:Sawn in different thicknesses and widths, in short and long dimension, it can be freshly cut (green) or kiln dried.
  • Oak: With the same pine specifications, but in national oak species, the most common of which is Quercus candicans.
  • Handle Squeres: For brooms and tools. Square or rectangular for the production of brooms, mops and different tools.
  • Flooring: For flooring and wall siding. It is manufactured from pine or oak in different thicknesses and widths, as well as different grades according to the need.
  • Pine Chips: For cellulose, cribbed, bark-free, for production of pressboard and cellulose.



  • Indoor: Built with a base of pine veneer. In odd sheets (3,5,7,9 sheets), cross grained in each sheet glued with ureaformaldehyde resin.
  • Outdoor: Built the same as the indoor plywood, but glued with phenolic resin. This plywood has water resistant qualities in temporary exposition, not in direct contact by immersion. (Marine Plywood).
  • Laminated or Lumber Heart: Built with a combination of veneers and a heart of solid lumber in odd sheets.
  • Covered with Okoume, Oak or Maple Veneer: Built with pine sheets on the interior and Okoume, Oak, Maple,etc sheets on the top and bottom faces.

Other Lumber Products

  • Blanks: Lumber strips glued along the grain, with the finger joint system, free of defects, in different lengths and widths as needed.
  • Cut Stock: Solid lumber strips in different lengths and widths as needed, mainly used for industrial uses, such as doors, windows, etc.
  • Finger Joint Blocks: Solid pieces of lumber for moulding production in different widths and lengths, 6" minimum and 36" maximum.
  • Pine Mouldings: Carried in a diversity of shapes for construction and decoration use. It can be one piece or several finger jointed pieces.
cut stock